Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walking to School

With a temporary break from the rainy weather Grace and I decided to walk to school this morning. Our route takes us over a little bridge that connects the two phases of our neighborhood. With all of the recent rain a stream has formed under the bridge bringing with it a wealth of wildlife for us to observe. In the picture Grace is pointing at a moss covered turtle that she discovered in the water.

Once we reached her classroom she declared, "I'm exhausted". We both thoroughly enjoyed our walk together, but I think we'll need to wait for the temperature to cool down a bit before we try it again. We certainly don't want an "exhausted" girl starting the school day!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today was Grace's first day of Kindergarten. All went smooth, well except for the rainy weather which caused soggy school supplies and poor pictures - what a bummer. During dinner she told Dean and I all about her day - the highlight was visiting the science room where she "picked up little beans with tweezers", "measured dinosaurs" and "poured water into different sized cups". She's already looking forward to tomorrow's learning adventures. Hooray for a wonderful first day of school!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Six Days and Counting

Yes it's true, whether I like it or not, Grace starts kindergarten in six days. I made an apple countdown calender for her to increase the excitement surrounding the change that's about to occur. Each morning she pulls a "worm" out of the appropriately numbered apple and on the final day (the first day of school) she'll receive a little handmade apple with a worm friend - which isn't made yet, so I better get busy!