Monday, April 27, 2009

Handmade Gifts

I have always enjoyed giving handmade gifts - there's something about creating an item with my own two hands that makes a gift seem more heartfelt to me. I have made quite a few little scrapbooks as gifts in the past but my current love is fabric, not paper. So, I was excited to learn that I can utilize fabric and my much loved photos together. My first photo/fabric project (inspiration came from "Stitched in Time" by Alicia Paulson) is shown above - it was made along with a batch of cookies for Meme's birthday. It paired a wonderful photo of Meme, Grace and I at the zoo with fabric that helps remind us of our special day together.

I look forward to creating more photo/fabric gifts in the future - well near future. I've had some ideas swimming in my head for Mother's Day so I'll keep you posted.

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