Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Great Start

We've had a great start to our week - Grace, the dogs and I headed to Meme and Pop's house for an overnight visit while Dean had the opportunity to stay at the office late. The time always goes by so fast but here's some of what we enjoyed:

...Grace scraping the last of the "magic" pudding cake into the pan while Meme helped hold the bowl. During our visit we also made pizza from scratch and a batch of vanilla ice cream.

...Grace getting measured by Pop - a ritual the two of them have shared since she was able to walk.

...Grace and I with Grandpa. We had a wonderful time visiting with him - he showed us around his new condo then we (Meme and Pop came too) had a yummy lunch together at one of his favorite restaurants, E and E Steakout.

The time spent with family is priceless!

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