Friday, April 16, 2010

A Handmade Dress

Now that the days are sunny and warm, Grace is in need of some additional clothing. With so many cute patterns available these days, I've decided to make some of her summer dresses and skirts. This will certainly test my sewing abilities since I'm not a "follow the pattern" kind of girl. Oh well here it goes.....

I made this "tunic dress" with a pattern from Dans la lune (found here). The instructions were easy to follow (unlike a traditional pattern) and included many helpful photographs. In fact due to the ease of construction, I'm already eyeing the "fancy dress" pattern from the same site. A little girl can never have too many dresses can they?

And as you can see, Grace is quite pleased with the newest addition to her wardrobe. With one successful item stitched, I'm off to cut fabric for a tiered twirly skirt - wish me luck!

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