Friday, October 1, 2010

Franklin Cider Mill

While in Michigan last week my family and I visited a place that's filled with childhood memories, The Franklin Cider Mill. Every year, being that it was so close to my Grandparents house, we would visit the mill at least once during the fall season.

They weren't "pressing" on the day we visited, but I can distinctly remember the aroma in the air (which wasn't a pleasant one in my opinion) while the cider is being made. We took in all the sights and I purchased 2 bags of locally grown apples, which Grace and I made into applesauce after my return home.

So even though it's ninety degrees outside and the leaves will remain green all season long (make that year long) it still feels a bit like fall after visiting the mill and eating applesauce made from Michigan apples!

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