Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 10 - Spring Break

Grace was off school this week for spring break - and it's been a busy week indeed. There was.... a visit to the farm, a backyard camp-out, a trip to Meme and Pop's, (while there, she visited the park and saw the movie "Gnomeo and Juliet"), time spent in the kitchen (making strawberry jam, loafs of bread, fortune cookies and little cakes for the birds), time in the garden sowing many packets of seed, listening to "Charlotte's Web" being read aloud, meeting Daddy for lunch and much time playing.

Although I took many pictures during our full week, I leave you with photos from our trip to the farm. The visit didn't go quite as originally planned. We went with the intention of picking strawberries but when Grace saw the "beautiful wildflowers" she decided to spend her time picking those instead, leaving me with the strawberry picking duties. I can't complain though, we enjoyed each others company and had a wonderful morning together - that's what matters, right?

Now that our week is coming to a close we've begun discussing our plans for the extended summer break. The ideas are swirling - oh the fun that awaits!

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