Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 19 - Family Bike Rides

Ever since this winter when Grace learned to ride her bicycle sans training wheels, Sophie and I haven't been unable to keep up with her on foot (for Dean it wasn't an issue because he has a bike). And you see, Grace much prefers to be on her bicycle versus on foot during our daily evening outings. This left us in a conundrum - how could we make each family member happy? Many ideas were discussed, but we ended up purchasing a bike for myself (I haven't owned or ridden a bike since my teen years) and a trailer for Sophie.

After a few tweaks (Sophie yelped like a banshee with the trailer's top down, so we devised a way to keep her tethered to the frame, leaving the top open), it has turned out to be the perfect solution for our family. So on any given night, the four of us can be seen riding along our neighborhood's sidewalks. It's really quite a hoot, I tell you.

Here are a few pictures taken after last weekend's ride.....

Hooray for family time and little bit of exercise!

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