Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 2011

Since a month has pasted since my past post, I thought I'd share a photo mosaic displaying some of things we've done during December. Enjoy.......

1. Swinging on a vine during our search for a yule log 2. Family holiday breakfast 3. Letter from Santa 4. A visit to the Chapel where Dean and I married 5. The girls on Christmas morning (note that Grace is wearing summer pj's, as it was too warm for her Christmas nightgown) 6. Our tree on Christmas Eve 7. With Grandpa at breakfast 8. Henry, our "Elf on the Shelf" 9. Letter and cookies to Santa 10. Dressed as an elf, ready to deliver holiday gifts 11. Making gingerbread cookies 12. This years advent calendar - Playmobil dinosaurs 13. Our favorite cookie - "cinnamon bun pinwheels" from King Arthur Flour 14. Frozen forest at Lowery Park Zoo 15. Mama-made elf slippers 16. A reindeer sans antlers at the zoo 17. Piano concert 18. Sophie searching for lizards 19. The yule log cake we made for Winter Solstice 20. A button tree made by Grace 21. Sidewalk art 22. Washing the car - the number one thing Grace wanted to do on her vacation 23. Santa Grace 24. Painting gift bags 25. Mad Lib fun during family Christmas dinner 26. Part of the gingerbread scene we made 27. Lost tooth and Santa dollar 28. Grace's holiday story for school 29. Table at our Christmas dinner 30. Piano playing at Meme and Pop's 31. Tie Dye project 32. Christmas dessert 33. Playing her golden harp for family (this was the number one item on Grace's Christmas list) 34. Pouring wine for Pop 35. Christmas stockings 36. Christmas breakfast

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