Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Garden

We found ourselves with an extra ten minutes this morning before having the need to head off to school. Grace decided that she wanted to spend the time outside peeking around the garden.

For some reason it always seems that so much growth occurs during the night while we're fast asleep. And the plants always appear refreshed first thing in the morning too, unlike their parched state come late afternoon.

Pictures from top to bottom.... 1) Grace holding one of the colossal zucchinis - I swear they're the size of your pinkie finger one day, then the size of a billy club the next. 2) One of the many melon blossoms with bush beans in the background 3) Lucy up to her naughtiness in the garden - she's a digger I tell you. 4) An early morning visitor on a corn stalk 5) Grace and Sophie taking a rest after peeking around.

So indeed, the morning is a good time to look around this little garden of ours.

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