Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Inspiration :: Knitting

After reading many wonderful reviews on various blogs about the book, "Knitting Nell", written and illustrated by Julie Jersild Roth, I began searching our library system high and low for a copy. My persistence finally paid off - we found it.

Not only is the story beautifully written, but the illustrations (they're done in watercolor, my personal favorite) are perfectly done as well. After reading the book together, Grace was inspired to make one of her friends (aka stuffed animals) a scarf. So out came our knitting mushroom and a skein of multi-colored cotton yarn. We've attempted to use the mushroom in the past but Grace would often become frustrated within minutes of trying to use it. Thankfully, today was different. She appears to have mastered it and can "knit" with minimal assistance - within a short time she had twenty inches of the scarf done!

Perhaps one day Grace and I can learn to cast on the needles and make a prize winning sweater or items for children in need, just like sweet Nell did. But for now I see many "scarfs" in our future - which is perfect just the same!

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