Monday, July 5, 2010

Rainy Weather

With the rainy weather putting a damper our weekend plans of swimming and barbecues, we've had to come up with alternative activities to keep ourselves busy. Today, since Dean had the day off, we headed to the Ringling Museum of Art. (For you locals or those living within driving distance, the Museum has free admission on Mondays.) Grace described the experience as "medium fun", which is not to be confused with "fun" mind you.

She did however enjoy the couple of areas within the galleries that were geared towards children. In the rather lousy picture above she's creating a polyptych, which is a piece of art containing many panels. We plan to add it to our summer art books to remember this "medium fun" experience.

I have one simple request for Mother Nature - can we please see the sun tomorrow, just for an hour perhaps? We are sending our thanks in advance.

As as side note, we came across a wonderful rainy weather themed picture book called, "The Falling Raindrop" by Neil Johnson and Joel Chin. It's a perfect read during this non-stop rain fest!

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