Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tree for the Animals

Right before the holiday decorating commenced, visions of a natural Christmas tree came to my mind. You know, one in which all the decorations could be placed outside for the animals to enjoy once our celebrating was complete. Needless to say after some thought I put the large scale project aside and decided to go with a smaller version of my original plan.

We opted to decorate a little evergreen tree that finds itself growing on the edge of Grace's garden. After some discussion we decided to make cranberry garland and peanut ornaments, with plans for other decorations in the (very) near future. (In case you're interested... we found the evergreen growing in the middle of our lawn and decided to transplant it, for fear the lawn mower would run it over. Thankfully, it seems to enjoy its new location.)

Grace has been keeping a close eye on the "Christmas tree for the animals". But so far the only animal she has spotted sniffing and occasionally sampling the tasty treats is Sophie!

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