Monday, December 20, 2010

Weeked Recap

Our original plans for this past weekend would've had us visiting the place where dreams come true, Disney World. However, that all changed when Grace declared, "I no longer want anything princess or fairy", oh wait it gets better, "I don't like Minnie or Mickey anymore. Minnie's voice is too high pitched for my ears". So after a bit of discussion, the trip was canceled.

So instead of spending time together while on vacation, we've decided to do an activity, as a family, each day leading to our Christmas celebration on Friday (I work Saturday, hence the day early).

On Saturday we visited the Sarasota Art Center for holiday crafting......

Grace made: a Christmas tree collage, merry mouse ornament, and a noise maker that can be used for the new year.

Oh yes, I mustn't forget about the Christmas spider puppet, an idea that Grace devised entirely on her own after making the noise maker. Our holiday crafting session wouldn't have been complete without it!

On Sunday evening we were off to Selby Gardens to see Lights in Bloom......

We enjoyed seeing the many garden themed light displays. Of particular interest was the wishing tree - where each of us wrote our wishes for the coming year, then tied them on a basket in hopes that they'll come true.

And since Grace has had no real interest in visiting Santa this year, we had a family photo taken with him instead.

A family filled weekend indeed!

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