Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 14 - Wondrous Webs

Grace and I are making more of an effort to walk to school each morning. It seems like a great way to start the day don't you think? The fresh air, sights and sounds of nature, a bit of exercise.... oh yes, it does make a wonderful day starter I tell you.

Here are some pictures that were taken on a particularly foggy morning. We were amazed at how many spider webs we saw along our journey. Thankfully, we had a bit of extra time to examine them up close. Grace thought the second web pictured looked like a piece of intricate lace, with all its dewy drops along the silky strands - it was by far our favorite to look at.

Come Monday morning we'll be at it again, in search of wondrous webs and the like - hooray for our morning walks to school!

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