Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 17 - Grace's Art News

Ah yes it's true, our little artist had her work debuted in the "Sarasota County School Art Show" this week. You may remember her eagle from (this) post, well apparently another one of her pieces had been on display at school too. This one being her "family portrait" which adorned a wall in the principals office - framed and all!

So your probably wondering how Grace's art went from being displayed on the wall at school to being selected as a piece for the art show. Well, according to her art teacher, among all the art created and displayed during the school year, fifty pieces were "randomly" selected and Grace's happened to be one of them.

To celebrate this special accomplishment, we along with Meme and Pop, were present on the opening night of the show hosted at the Sarasota Art Center. Upon our arrival we located Grace's drawing and were astonished to see that it had a "Best of the Best" ribbon hanging from the corner - way to go Grace! After that we spent time looking at all of the amazing art created by some very talented children from our local school district. Oh in case your interested, you can see all of the amazing art for yourself, as the show runs through the middle of this month.

And in other art related news, Grace just participated in another artist trading card swap. She traded her tiny drawings with five other children from around the country.

As you can see she drew six different images, wanting to save the extra one for herself. She had such a hard time deciding which one to keep that it delayed the shipping a day beyond the deadline, oops. She eventually chose the "drawing of a drawing" (one the far left) as she had never drawn anything like that before.

So there you have it, some pretty exciting news related to art around these parts!

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