Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 24 - All About Candy

We're quite excited that our summer routine has started around here. To keep things entertaining and not so humdrum (such as.... Me: what do you feel like doing today? Grace: I don't know!), we're giving our weeks some focus by choosing topics. There will be a new topic each week to keep the energy lively and fun. And there's no need to worry, there will be plenty of time for relaxing, swimming, meeting Daddy for lunch and the like.

So what do we plan to do with these themed weeks you ask. For now we plan on... visiting the library to obtain books on the given topic, reading all the said books, writing a story, getting messy with art and craft projects, completing a "large" puzzle and taking a field trip.

For this week Grace selected candy as the theme - which I believe has something to do with her LOVE of chocolate and fascination over the story, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl. So in addition to reading over twenty picture books, we made a variety of candy (peanut butter cups, chocolate dipped oreos, "twix" bars, saltwater taffy - which was unsuccessful, and lastly, rock candy), measured and weighed candy, completed a 350 piece chocolate themed puzzle, wrote a story titled "Candy Land of Candy", went on a search for the new Wonka bars and finally, visited a newly opened candy shop in town - talk about a kid in a candy store, wow!

Well, enough about candy. Next week we're off to focus on a topic a bit less sugar laden....trees!

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