Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lunch, Doggie Chairs and Soup

It was time for my annual health screening at work, which meant a special trip to St. Petersburg was in order. To make the trip a bit more exciting I thought it would be fun for Grace and I to meet Meme at Mazzaro's Italian Market for lunch. So that's just what we did. We had a delicious lunch together and then spent time looking around the market, adding yummy looking items to our basket along the way.

After our wonderful time with Meme, Grace and I headed off to work for my screening. While waiting for our turn Grace discovered these adorable dog seats in the lobby - have you ever seen a chair soooo cute? Needless to say when we arrived home I "Googled" the chairs and found them (here). They come in four sizes - the largest will fit an adult. The only downside to the doggies are their steep price tag, so we'll have to add them to our "keep dreaming" list!

Now to totally change the subject, for dinner we had our first soup of the season. I made a pot of shrimp bisque (recipe here) and paired it with a tasty loaf of artisan bread from Mazzaro's. Oh how I love soup and bread - it's a perfect combo for a chilly evening meal if you ask me!

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