Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 5 - Year of the Hare

For the past week or so we've been preparing for Chinese New Year. Here are a few of the projects that we made together to celebrate this special day....

.....A dragon made from an egg carton - oh how Grace LOVES dragons

.....A thousand year bowl made from paper and paste (we plan to juice those yummy oranges as soon as the festivities are over)

.....The first phase of making a dragon puppet - a craft I did with Grace's class during the 100th day of school celebration (I have no photos of the finished product, but they turned out "perfectly dragonish")

.....Last but not least, the dragon outfit that she wore to school today. Apparently Grace's teacher brought in Chinese music for the children to listen to, which then turned into a dancing fest for our little performer. After completing an Asian dance for her classmates, she took her show on the road, performing in front of each of the five kindergarten classes, then in the office for the principal. Needless to say, Grace was quite excited to tell us all the details (something she rarely shares) of her fun-filled day!

Best wishes for a year filled with good health, fortune and luck!

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