Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 6 - Monday Sewing

Every Monday morning I can be found assisting Grace and her classmates with a sewing project during their time in computer lab. Her teacher places much emphasis on developing fine motor control and uses hand-sewing, among many other activities, to aide in its development.

Our first project was making pillows for the children's class pets (each child was assigned a stuffed animal at the beginning of the school year which they responsible for until years end) and now we're onto making quilts. From threading the needle to determining the length and evenness of the stitches, it's all up to the child.

Here are some pictures of Grace sewing with me this week.....

And just in case you were wondering, I had nothing to do with the fabric section - it was all kindly donated. The girls (especially Grace) can often be heard complaining that the fabric looks like it's for boys. Oh well, perhaps the next project can be made with girlie fabric - then the boys can do a bit of complaining too!

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