Friday, July 26, 2013

Harvesting our peanuts.

As we thumbed through the seed catalogs in February, we came across peanuts and wondered if they would grow in southern Florida. Not knowing how successful they would be, I ordered a packet and thought we'd give them a try. To our amazement, they grew. And not only that, they were the most productive plants that we attempted to grow this spring.
 After doing a bit of research, I decided it was probably best to harvest them, despite the leaves not being fully yellowed yet. Apparently it's best to unearth them after a dry spell and since we had gone nearly a week without rain, out they came.

Grace was eager to help (her desire to garden is hit or miss these days) with pulling up the plants and plucking the swelling pods from their roots. We ended up with nearly half of a dishpan full, not too bad for a four by four foot raised garden bed. After giving them a quick rinse, we placed the peanut pods out on our kitchen counter to dry. Once dry, fresh roasted peanuts here we come!

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