Monday, July 29, 2013

Working in the yard.

Since Grace is away this week (she's spending time with Meme and Pop and attending an art camp) I decided that this would be a good time to accomplish some much needed yard work. I've been highly motivated to tackle our backyard since we arrived home from our vacation - the landscaping at the inn we stayed at was beautiful.
So, this morning I headed outside armed with my gloves, trimmers and yard bags at sunrise, ready for a day of work. For some reason, I gauge my productivity on the number of bags that I fill and not by the amount of time that I spend working. I ended up being outside for nine hours (some of that time was spent sitting under the shade of the oaks to cool off) and filled six bags to brim.
a partial view of our butterfly garden
As always, I expected to accomplish more than I actually did, but six bags isn't to shabby. Up next is prepping the raised garden beds for fall planting. Stay tuned.

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