Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pizza Muffins.

One afternoon, towards the end of the school year, Grace hopped excitedly into the car exclaiming, "I have a new recipe for us try - it's for little pizzas!". Apparently she had come across it while on the computer completing a "Success Maker" reading activity. Being that pizza is at the top of her list of favorite foods, she jotted the recipe down on a piece of scratch paper.
I always ask her and Dean what they would like me make for dinners during the week and more often than not they have nothing to suggest. I think the fact that Grace now had a dinner to recommend, along with it being something "new", made her quite pleased with herself. Needless to say, the "pizza muffins" were added to the weekly menu and have been on regular rotation ever since. And I must add that every time we eat them she reminds us that they were made by using "her recipe".

Oh, for the love of pizza!

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