Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Skirts

For better or for worse our summer skirts are complete (Sorry for the silly photo, we were playing with the self timer. And yes, that's a flower from our garden in Grace's hair). Both patterns were found as freebies online. Grace's was the lazy days skirt from Oliver and S (found here) and mine was the 5 minute skirt from the Angry Chicken (found here).

Grace's skirt came out as planned. The directions were so easy to follow - the only thing I did different was place a bias strip hem instead of the ribbon. I've made several of these comfy skirts for her in the past - paired with a cotton t-shirt they're perfect since she's a skirt and dress kinda girl.

My skirt on the other hand was a bit of a problem. It ended up being too full on the bottom for the desired length - Grace even made a comment, "That looks weird". So I pulled out the scissors and did some nipping and tucking and well.... you can probably guess what happened next. Yep, I made it too small. In an effort to salvage the fabric I added a panel in the back. Now it's at least wearable, well maybe not out in public.

So there you have it - our matching summer skirts!

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