Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the Theme is.....

After much indecisiveness Grace has finally settled on the theme for her fifth birthday. Drum roll please..... it's "George and Martha" from the series of books written and illustrated by James Marshall.

She just can't seem to get enough of this hippo duo and their ever silly antics. Every time we read one of the books she laughs hysterically at them (I must admit that I find them quite funny as well). Even though we don't own any of the books, one can often be found in our collection of books from the library. In fact, I just got done reading two of the books to Grace prior to her bedtime.

So, needless to say now that we have a theme the flurry of creating has begun. From banners to invitations, to cakes and clothing we should have the hippo theme covered - the embroidery project in the picture above will be part of Grace's birthday shirt.

And as you can see from the drawing above, Grace has been busy making "patterns" for us to follow. This one happens to be for her birthday balloons. She said to me, "I'll make the balloons. I just need white paper, gray and black crayons, scissors and tape" - that sounds like a wonderful plan to me!

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