Friday, January 15, 2010

The Trophy

A day last week a scene unfolded in our kitchen that was quite similar to the infamous leg lamp incident from the movie, "A Christmas Story". It all started with the delivery of a rather large box from the UPS man. Upon inspection I noticed that it was addressed to Dean so I let him do the honors of opening it (mind you he wasn't expecting any packages).....

When Grace discovered that packing peanuts were involved she came running to lend a hand - "It's snowing", she exclaimed.

Once enough of the peanuts were removed Dean lifted the contents out of the box. Are you ready (I certainly wasn't)? It was a trophy and not just any trophy but one nearly as tall as Grace. It was imprinted with the words, "Beer Bowl Champion 2008". Apparently this was Dean's reward for being the winner of his fantasy football league last year.

Here's the two growling toughies proudly displaying the trophy of greatness. All the while I'm thinking.... could I please exchange this monstrosity for a leg lamp?

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