Thursday, January 14, 2010


The walls that have surrounded me at work for the last thirteen years have changed. And by changed, I mean drastically changed. No.... I haven't switched jobs, although in many ways it feels that way, it's just that the hospital were I work has moved (here's an article).

This past week has been a busy one since I've worked four of the past six days - much of that time was spent under very stressful circumstances. So this morning when I awoke and saw the weather forecast I decided a visit to the beach was in order.

The combination of fresh air, clear blue skies and the sound of the waves coming ashore was the perfect fix for all the craziness of my week. Grace loved it too - sandcastles were built, birds were chased, shells were collected, her kite was flown and ice cream was eaten.

As we were leaving Grace said, "We'll have to come back to the beach soon" and I couldn't agree more!

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