Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We had a quiet Father's Day due to the tragic day we suffered exactly one year ago. Unfortunately, I believe that our memories from that day will remain with us for quite some time, casting a gray cloud over this day for many years to come.

However, Grace was excited as they come. Today was the day she was finally able to give her Daddy his present. So what was the "big secret" hidden behind closed doors you ask? Well, it was a book Grace came across at Hallmark called, "Superdad". It reminded her of the comic books Dean loves to read, so she just had to have it for him. The book had several pages which could be personalized along with others that were rather "plain", therefore requiring Grace's personal touch. So the book along with a handmade card and some rocks she found in our backyard made Dean's day.

To all you Dads, especially my own, Happy Father's Day!

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