Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Drawing

Occasionally on the weekends the three of us draw together. We each have our own sketchbook that holds our best drawing efforts - items mainly drawn with the assistance of a wonderful Ed Emberley book. However, this summer I decided to take things one step further. I purchased two books that will accompany Grace and I during our days together. Whenever the desire to draw strikes us we'll be at the ready.

The first drawing in our books is of our house - a place that we know so well, but was admittedly difficult for us to draw. We both decided to start our sketches in ink, then finish them with watercolors. This surprised me since Grace prefers to draw with pencils or crayons (perhaps other surprises are in store during this project as well). As you can see, my sketch remains colorless at the moment. Our drawing time was interrupted by a mishap involving the need to call a plumber out to the house asap (Dean nicked the backflow valve while mowing).

By the end of the summer our books will be overflowing with creative goodness. Oh I can't wait!

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