Saturday, June 15, 2013

Desserts for Dads.

One of the things Grace and I pride ourselves on is making delicious homemade desserts for others. For Father's Day, this was no exception. I allowed Grace to select what she wanted to make for Dean and Pop. It was Oreo brownies for Pop and a Hershey's cake for Dean. Oh how this girl loves chocolate!
For Pop, we used our favorite brownie recipe then added crumbled Oreos (I must confess that I hadn't purchased Oreos in quite some time due to their pesky ingredient list. We usually use a hippie (per Dean) version instead) to the batter and topped the mixture with additional cookies just prior to baking.
And for Dean, we made his cake to go along with our Black Kow theme. You see Dean is such a good sport hauling bag after bag (weighing a hefty fifty pounds a piece) of manure to our backyard each growing season. So we decided to order him the official Black Kow t-shirt and cap set for his Father's Day gift. For the cake, Grace used Oreos once again, but this time they were crushed to look like a bag of cow manure had spilled all over the cake.


So there you have it - the desserts we made for the special Dads in our lives.
Have a wonderful Father's Day!

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