Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading and tigers.

Reading aloud has come down to a snail pace around these parts. Grace has found great interest in graphic novels these days, which shouldn't come to a surprise to me due to Dean's long-time interest in reading them. So suffice it to say that Tintin, Geronimo and many other casts of characters have been occupying a good amount of her summer days.
Despite our slow pace, we managed to finish our second read-aloud book of the summer, "The Tiger Rising", by Kate DiCamillo. It was well written and I think Grace enjoyed it so much due to her current love of tigers (despite the sad ending related to the tiger's fate).
(As a side note, the drawing in the photograph above is unrelated to the book with exception that it's of a tiger. From the moment I pulled this drawing out of Grace's backpack, I loved it. She rarely draws animals from this perspective and those two little teeth make me smile every time I see them.)
Perhaps with a bit of luck we'll make some decent progress on our next read-aloud book, "The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart. It's a thick one, so I'm thinking that we're going to have to pick up our pace a bit.
Happy reading!

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