Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pretzels for lunch.

Grace is a huge fan of sweet soft-baked pretzels. When the rare opportunity arises when we find ourselves at a mall, whether from "Pretzel Twister" or "Auntie Anne's", we're sure to purchase one (or perhaps two).

Grace has been requesting to make a batch of pretzels at home for quite some time now. Ours certainly don't taste quite as good as the mall bought variety (perhaps because we use a fair amount of whole grain flour) but they are tasty none the less. We've tried numerous recipes but we find ourselves using a recipe from Gale Gand, which we've tweaked to accommodate the flour we use and Grace's sweet tooth.

The results of our pretzel making can be seen above. We had our timing right and they came out of the oven just in time for lunch. Pretzels and banana smoothies make for a delicious lunch I tell you!

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