Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Inspiration :: Full Moon Cookies

I'm starting a new series of posts called "Book Inspiration". They'll highlight how books inspire us to do so many wonderful activities together. So here's the first...

This week the book, "The Moon Might be Milk" by Lisa Shulman inspired us to celebrate the full moon by making cookies (I know... like we really need inspiration to bake).

In the story a little girl by the name of Rosie was on a quest to see what the moon was made of. Along the way she asked various animals what they thought. Their responses included, milk, an egg, sugar, butter, and flour. When Rosie returned home, with the animals in tow, she asked her grandmother. With that Gran began to place each of the ingredients the animals had mentioned into a bowl. She formed the dough into balls then baked them. When cookies came out of the oven everyone exclaimed "the moon". Perhaps the moon is a giant sugar cookie - a sweet story indeed.

The last page of the book included a recipe, "Gran's Sugar Cookie Moons". In celebration of the full moon we made the cookies together. Grace's favorite part was rolling the balls of dough in the sugar - big surprise! The "moons" tasted delicious and may have started a new tradition around here.

As a side note, we made numerous attempts to see the full moon in all it's glory but the clouds had a different plan - oh well, maybe next month... with moon cookies in hand!

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