Thursday, September 17, 2009

Overnight Visitor

While Grace and I were heading home yesterday a Yorkie ran in front of our car. I pulled over and picked her up looking for some form of identification, but there was none. Puzzled with what to do next we took her to the local animal shelter to see if she was chipped. Long story short "Little Dog" came home with us until her family could be found.

This morning as Dean was driving out of our subdivision he spotted a "lost dog" sign. So I gave her family a call and they came to pick her up. It was bittersweet seeing her go - it was wonderful to see Little Dog reunited with her family but had we not found them she would have made a happy addition to ours.

In case you wondering, Sophie was such a good sport during Little Dog's overnight visit. She didn't seem to mind having another dog around, which was a bit surprising to us. To reward Sophie for her good manners Grace gave her a chew bone - a special reward indeed.

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