Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A New Appliance

Our washing machine had been making some rather odd noises lately. We decided to not have it repaired but rather use it until it wouldn't run any longer. Well.... last week it finally decided to call it quits right in the middle of a load of wash - that was fun I tell you.

This past weekend we went on a "boring" (per Grace) trip to Best Buy in search of a new one. We opted for a front loading washer - the idea of saving water and energy sold us. It arrived Monday and we love it! Grace is the perfect height, so she's able to help with the loading and unloading, something she was unable to do before. She has also enjoyed watching the process of how the clothing gets washed. In fact, this morning she ate breakfast in the laundry room so she could watch her beloved "blankie" get "fresh and clean" (yes, she's using the laundry basket as a table).

I'm sure the novelty of a new appliance will wear off quickly - we'll be sure to it enjoy it while it lasts.

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