Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Autumn

The calendar said that it's officially the first day of autumn - unfortunately there's no hint of fall around here. However, we didn't let the warm weather dampen our enthusiasm. We welcomed the new season with all it has to offer. Here's some of what we did:

We went to the library and found books about fall, among other things. We explored the butterfly garden and read some books in the shade. Grace had a great idea, she said "We can eat lunch here (in the garden) when it's colder and read lots of books". Yes, we will have to do that in the coming months.

We spent the afternoon preparing a fall feast. Our preparations sent us out to the garden for fresh herbs. While outside Grace spent time on her swing and then picked a fresh flower, a marigold, for Molly's vase (something that we've done since she passed away).

We had a tasty meal together as a family - enjoying the flavors of the season. As you can see, Grace did a beautiful job setting the table. She took items from her kitchen and nature table to create the centerpiece. The table looked very fall-like indeed.

We hope you enjoy the bounty that autumn offers!

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