Saturday, October 3, 2009

Autumn Moon Festival

Today we celebrated the Chinese holiday known as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. In China it's a time when families spend time together honoring the moon on it's brightest and fullest night. Here's what we did:

Grace and I made moon cakes, a tradition in many Chinese households during the festival. We had to do a bit of improvising since the moon cake mold that I had ordered many weeks ago didn't arrive in time. We used a biscuit cutter to achieve the shape and then Grace topped the cakes with rabbit faces (it is said if you dream of rabbits tonight you will have good luck), stars and moons.

Just in case you were wondering, we tucked a piece of homemade chocolate fudge in the center of ours. Fudge is by no means the traditional filling but I didn't think red bean paste would go over well.

We ordered take-out from a local Chinese restaurant for dinner. Grace just loves the "crunchies" - she ate them with her chopsticks.

After our dinner and dessert of moon cakes we headed out for walk to see the full moon in all it's glory. Upon returning home it was time for Grace's bedtime routine which included being read the books, "Mooncake" by Frank Asch and "Round is a Mooncake" by Roseanne Thong and the wonderful illustrator Grace Lin.

May you have sweet rabbit dreams tonight!

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