Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

The Halloween festivities are continuing around here. We waited until this morning to carve our pumpkin for fear that the ninety (yes, ninety) degree weather would have our poor pumpkin a moldy, rotten mess.

Grace had numerous ideas of how our pumpkin should be carved. She finally narrowed it down to star eyes, a triangle nose and a cute toothy smile. We had her draw the images onto scrap paper, then we were off to the backyard with our pumpkin in hand.

Grace taped her drawn shapes onto the pumpkin.

Then she poked holes around the images so we would have an exact replica of her drawings come carving time.

The next step was carving. This is when Grace headed off to the swing - since carving a pumpkin is "yucky" business you know.

Here's the final product, ready for this evening.

It's toothy smiles for both of our "pumpkins" - Happy Halloween!

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