Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grace's Baby Quilt

Yes, you're reading the title correctly - I finally finished Grace's baby quilt. It was started over four years ago prior to Dean and I bringing her home from China. Once I had the quilt top pieced I was very disappointed in the way it turned out - the solid pink fabric turned out to be too bright. So the quilt sat unfinished until Grace discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Upon finding it she said, "It's so beautiful". Her love of the quilt changed my attitude towards it and gave me the motivation to have it quilted and bound in time for her fourth Gotcha Day (which happens to be tomorrow).

Here's a portion of the top - it's a "Snowball" pattern. Thankfully the quilt is still large enough to cover her even though I used the measurements for the "baby" size.

And here's the back. I ended up making some last minute adjustments to the backing fabric and I'm happy with results.

So there you have it, a once unloved quilt found it's way into loving arms. A story that sounds a bit like fairy tale with a happy ending to me! (Speaking of fairy tales, there are times when even a princess doesn't care to have her picture taken - hence Grace's feet instead of her face in the first photo)

Quilts aside, in celebration of Grace's Adoption Day we're off to Disney World. Have a wonderful weekend!

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