Friday, October 9, 2009

Sophie's Pea Costume

There's a doggy costume contest being held downtown this weekend. We knew Grace would get a kick out of the whole thing, seeing the dogs dressed-up and all. The idea occurred to us that she and Sophie could both get dressed-up and participate together. Our brains swirled with ideas. Dean thought they should go as Little Bo Peep and a sheep but then we would need to create two costumes with little notice. So we settled on Grace being a princess and Sophie being a pea - get it, the Princess and the Pea.

Thankfully Grace has many options as far as a princess costume is concerned but Sophie on the other hand needed a costume created for her. So guess what I did this morning while Grace was at school - yep, sew a costume.

Grace created a "pattern" for me to follow (as drawn above). Unfortunately the single pea idea just wasn't working so I made a pod - Meme had the great idea of using several of Sophie's balls as the peas.

Here's the finished costume, modeled on giraffe since I didn't have the heart to torture Sophie two days in a row.

Check back tomorrow to see Grace and Sophie starring as the Princess and the Pea!

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